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Half day Cooking class in a Seville Restaurant

This half day course is a unique and inspiring way to experience something new and learn a little about the gastronomic traditions of Southern Spain. You will return home with not just a memory but a new skill too.
This half day class is run by Ignacio, a local chef in the centre of Seville. Ignacio is both innovative and creative and was the founder of the restaurant where the cooking class will take place. Having turned it into one of the most successful restaurants in Seville, he has sold the major share to his brothers and now spends much of his time inventing things. He loves the creative process and will open the doors of the restaurant to our clients for some wonderful cooking courses. He always uses the freshest ingredients he can find and creates the menu accordingly. The morning starts with a visit to a local market before heading to the restaurant where you will put together some great dishes with Ignacio.

Excursion to the Sierra of Aracena

The Sierra of Aracena in the province of Huelva is a mountainous area north-west of Seville near to the Portuguese
border. It is here that the finest hams in the world are made from the Iberian pig. These hams are cured in the mountain air for up to 3 years and are considered by many people to be the jewel in the crown of Spanish gastronomy. This area is situated about 90 kilometres (56 miles) from Seville.  
Your host is Roger Davies, a wine connoisseur and first point of call for all things gastronomic in Seville.
You will first visit a farm to see how the pigs are reared and then go on to see the installations of one of the best ham
producers in the village of Jabugo, a mythical name in Spain for fine ham. An expert will show you around, explaining
the processes involved in the production of ham and of other products which come from the Iberian pig. At the end of
the visit you will be able to taste the wonderful ham along with a glass of the best fino. This is followed by a gourmet
lunch in Aracena. You will sample the finest local produce including fresh cheese, ham, mushrooms, pork from the
Iberian pig, wild asparagus, artichokes etc. Many of the dishes will vary according to the season. The meal will be
accompanied by fine Spanish red wine and end with typical desserts.

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Tapas Tour of Seville

Tapas is one of Spain´s most famous and enjoyable ways of having a meal. Why not go with a local expert and visit
some of the bars off the tourist trail. Sam Lister of Tailormade Andalucia will introduce you to the local bars with their
buzzing atmosphere where you can taste the local delicacies and soak up the sights, sounds and smells of Seville.
During the tour you will visit three local tapas bars where apart from trying various dishes you will also learn about
numerous Spanish wines.
Either lunchtime or evening, duration 3 hours. A minimum of 4 dishes will be sampled throughout the tour. Please inform us of any special requirements so that the tour can be tailor-made to suit. 

Half Day Cooking Class in a Private Home in Vejer

Enjoy this gastronomic experience at Annie B’s Spanish Kitchen in one of the charming “Pueblos Blancos” (White Villages). You will gain an insight into the history of the area via your palate. Annie’s hands on cooking classes feature many of Andalucia’s wonderful dishes using the best of local ingredients – jamón and pork fed on acorns, seafood, fish, fabulous vegetables and fruits, chickens from the countryside and of course lots of glorious sherry from the area of Cádiz. And the best part – you get to sit down and enjoy all the dishes you have created. Weather permitting this will take place on the terrace, overlooking the Pueblo Blanco of Vejer de la Frontera with the ocean in the distance, and beyond, the hazy hills of Morocco. You will come away having a deeper appreciation of the culture, the food and the wines of this unique area of Spain as well as at least 6-8 great new recipes to take home with which to stun your guests.

Olive oil tour - El Viso del Alcor - Seville

Visit a boutique olive oil mill situated on the outskirts of El Viso del Alcor, 30 minutes from Seville.  Accompanied by Roger Davies you will learn about everything that goes into making fine extra virgin olive oils, from the olive tree to the final product.  The olive oil produced at the mill has won medals at tasting competitions all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, China and Israel.  At the end of the visit there is a tasting which includes a dish that has been made using the extra virgin oil produced at the mill.

Private Olive Oil Tasting, at Corral del Rey or Hacienda

Fabiola is an international Olive Oil Taster and will give you a wonderful masterclass in the intricacies and subtleties of olive oil. You will learn about some of Spain´s best extra virgin olive oil and Fabiola will guide you through the endless range of nuances and flavors of the oil as well as explaining the different uses in the kitchen.


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