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Lazy Buddha Massage & Yoga

Lazy Buddha aims to provide a safe environment for a unique experience respecting each individual´s needs and abilities.
To choose your individual treat, every session will start with a small personal body assessment and information about different treatments to provide a best possible outcome.
With a university degree in bodywork and dance development, further studies of yoga, applied yoga massage, yoga therapy, ayurvedic massage and craniosacral therapy, we offer a variety of treatments and individual yoga classes for tailor-made combinations.

LazyBuddha Special

Deep tissue and joint release with acupressure and stretching, a fully relaxing and rejuvenating synthesis of traditional Thai massage and release techniques.

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy

Soothing oil massage for detox and stress release, based on ayurvedic principles of long body strokes and marmapoint therapy, applied by using hands and feet.

Head/Neck/Face Delight

Mind calming tension release and deeply rejuvenating massage, based on ancient ayurvedic techniques that have been used by doctors, healers and beauticians throughout the centuries.

Happy Feet Reflexology

Reflecting the image of the whole body through different zones of the feet. A foot massage not only deeply satisfies the feet but has an effect on the whole body and its nervous system.


Deep alpha relaxation, combined with a general feeling of well-being. A stimulating natural treatment to induce the self-healing process.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Life expresses itself in motion.  This treatment is deep and non-invasive, listening to the body´s inherent expression of health.  In the biodynamic approach of craniosacral work, the subtle rhythms produced by the inherent fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluids (the Breath of Life), are regarded as expressions of health with self-healing capacities.  They carry an essential ordering principle for both body and mind.  When these rhythms are expressed in fullness and balance health and well-being naturally follow.

Embodies Yoga and Yogatherapy

This yoga has a strong focus on undoing, inspiring and encouraging the body to discover the best way of opening and transforming itself towards body-mind consciousness.  We focus on the flexibility of an active spine, using gravity and mindful movement to connect body, mind and breath.  The source of these customised yoga classes are based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya who taught my teachers A G and Indra Mohan for almost two decades and the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli who taught my teacher Diane Long for 23 years. 


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