Hacienda de San Rafael - Seville, Spain

Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix, 3rd to 5th May

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The Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix is part of the FIM Grand Prix motorcycle racing season and takes place this year from 3rd to 5th May in Jerez

Piano Concert, 5th May

Piano Concert: Javier Perianes, Maestranza Theatre Seville

Javier Perianes is the Maestranza´s “artist in residence” and will perform works by Mendellohn and Beethoven. Although young, he is a well-known artist at the Maestranza where he has a loyal local following as well as being known internationally.

Opera, 6th, 7th and 8th May

El Gato Montes by Manuel Penella (1880 - 1939) Maestranza Theatre, Seville

An opera in three acts. The opera takes place in Seville and is a drama of love rivalry between a bullfighter and a highwayman, both of whom try to win the favours of a gypsy.

Jerez Feria, 6th to 12th May

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Spring Horse Fair

Its origins are in the middle ages, when farmers gathered one week a year to sell and buy animals, mainly horses.

At the Feria de Jerez all the casetas are public, so everyone can enjoy the food, drinks, and dancing. This is one of the main features that differentiates it from the Seville Fair where they tend to be private.

Dance, 11, 12th May

Romeo & Juliet, National Dance Company, The Maestranza Theatre, Seville

Prokofiev´s masterpiece will be performed by the National Dance Company

Novilladas (young bulls) 12 and 19th May

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There are two days of bullfighting the novilladas (young bulls) at the Maestranza in Seville. These young bulls are generally used for training purposes to prepare the bullfighter for the older, larger animals.

Corpus Christi Bull fight, 30th May

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The Corpus Christi Bull fight which takes place in the Maestranza Plaza de Toros is usually a very popular day with quality bulls and well-known bullfighters taking part.

Please let us know if you would like us to reserve tickets for you.

Feria de Manzanilla, "Wine Fair" 28 May to 2 June

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This Feria takes place in Sanlucar de Barameda where manzanilla is the local wine and from which the Feria takes its name. The Feria officially starts on the Tuesday night when the lights are turned on but unofically starts the weekend before


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