Hacienda de San Rafael - Seville, Spain

Novillos (Young bulls) Sunday 8, 12 & 22 September

  • Novillada mixta 14

Taking place in the Plaza de Toros La Maestranza, Seville on various Sundays throughout September are bull fights with novillos (young bulls). These are training sessions for the inexperienced bulfighter before he faces the challenge of a fully grown animal

Feria de San Miguel 27th, 28th and 29th September

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Throughout the Feria de San Miguel, the Plaza de Toros La Maestranza hosts "corridas" (bullfights) with some of the best-known bullfighters and most renowned breeders taking part.  This marks the end of the bullfighting season in Seville and is an important event on the taurine calendar.


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