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Bull Breeding Farms

Bullfighting in Spain can trace its origins back to the Spanish War of Reconquest (711-1492AD). Both Christian and
Moorish knights would relax away from the battlefield by hunting and were offered the greatest challenge by the Iberian wild bull (toro bravo), which unlike other animals, preferred to die fighting rather than fleeing. The thrill of this fight to the death was recreated by capturing some of these brave animals and organising a show in the village. The first real bullfight took place in 1133 at Vera, Logroño in honor of the coronation of King Alfonso VIII.  
If you would like to visit a bull breeding farm and see how these majestic and brave animals are reared we can arrange private visits to the following:

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Fuente Rey, Medina Sidonia

Fuente Rey is a large estate situated along the ´camino del toro´ close to Medina Sidonia and 35km south east
of Jerez. It belongs to the Fermin Bohorquez family who, for several generations, have dominated the world of
rejoneo (the art of bullfighting on horseback)

Cortijo de Arenales, Moron de la Frontera

The Estate belongs to the Condesa de la Maza, whose family is well-known for breeding toros bravos. It covers
over 2,800 hectares of prime farm and grazing land on the outskirts of Seville.

Finca Los Albujeros, Medina Sidonia

This estate belongs to Alvaro Domecq one of the most important bull breeders throughout Spain.

Ruchena, Utrera

This estate belongs to Luis Valdenebro (Marques de Ruchena). It is 1000 hectare estate and has the personalised charm of a private home. Luis once a rejoneador now has his eldest son Luis following his foot steps. A very genuine and authentic experience.

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Ganaderia Nuñez del Cuvillo, Vejer de la Frontera

This estate belongs to Alvaro Nuñez del Cuvillo and is considered the most prestigious bull breeder throughout Spain in the last few years. A homely feel and they can arrange a lunch and tienta for small parties.

Visits can be organised for groups which include demonstrations of the Tienta, Acoso, Derribo and Apartado, these disciplines will show visitors the unique partnership that ultimately develops between the horse and his rider.

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The bullfight is one of Spain´s most traditional fiestas. It is considered an art form, part of Spain´s history and culture. In Spain bullfighters are as famous as film stars. In a typical bullfight six bulls will be killed by three matadors and each
encounter lasts about 15 minutes culminating in the killing of the bull. The bulls, through instinct and selective breeding
will charge at anything that moves and way on average 460kg.

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