Hacienda de San Rafael - Seville, Spain

Federico Abril, Daniel Grammatico - Granada

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Federico studied art history and English philosophy at Granada University. Together with his business partner, Daniel Grammatico, they have spent the last 15 years developing tours for both businesses and individuals, including politicians, ambassadors and top level business executives from all over the world.
Their tours are always very personal and stimulating, they impart their knowledge of the different cultures and people who have left their mark on Granada throughout the centuries.
In every corner of Granada the Jews, Christians and Muslims have left traces of their history. Federico is an expert in medieval history and Islamic art as well as the Sefardi Spain of the Jews.
Daniel is a journalist, historian, expert in Arab history, author and translator of numerous books, and catalogues on art and the Arab, Muslim civilizations. His vast knowledge will leave you with an unforgettable impression of this City.

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