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Jose A Sanchez - Coto Doñana National Park

Jose Antonio is a Biology graduate from the University of Seville.  He spent ten years leading walks and nature tours throughout Andalucia.  In 1992 he began working in El Rocio as an Educational Monitor in the Doñana National Park which is when his passion for bird watching began. Since 2000 he has been working as a private nature guide and running the company Discovering Doñana. 

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Coto Doñana National Park

Doñana National Park, one of Europe´s most important wetland reserves. It was once the hunting ground for the kings of Castille and later the dukes of Medina Sidonia made it their private hunting ground too.  

The vast wilderness supports an unrivalled wealth of fauna with 125 bird species resident there. The delta waters of the Doñana flood in winter and then drop in the spring when they draw hundreds of flocks of breeding birds making this area a bird watchers paradise.  At last count there were 15 breeding pairs of the imperial eagle.  In spring one can see red-rumped swallows, bee eaters, egrets, herons, marsh harriers and kites, in summer you are more likely to see the griffon vulture, hoopoe, larks, booted and short toed eagles. ´Other animals found within the Doñana are the Iberian lynx (although they are close to extinction) and the Egyptian mongoose. There are also badgers, rabbits, otters, wild pigs, red deer and fallow deer.   

Experience this wealth of nature with our recommended private guide enjoying a half day excursion through the park in your personal landrover with many stops throughout. A picnic can be especially prepared by the hotel. 

Please note; It takes approximately 1.5 hours to drive to El Rocio from the Hacienda and approximately 1 hour from Corral del Rey, and the guided visit means an early start as the meeting time is 8.30am. This is recommended in order to see as many bird species as possible.


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