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Lebrija Tours, Destino Lebrija

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Lebrija is just a 20 minute drive from the Hacienda and is one of the oldest towns in the western Mediterranean, inhabited since Neolithic times. At first glance Lebrija can seem uninspiring and looks like any other Andalucian town but hidden amongst the modern buildings and ordinary facades one can find convents, palaces and old squares filled with history and stories to tell. You can still find some of the few remaining craftsmen in Andalucia who continue to produce pottery and ceramics. As well as the most wonderful saddler who produces harnesses for the carriages of many European Royal Families. All produced by hand with the help of the whole family.
We work with Destino Lebrija a small, local firm who are passionate about their town and its heritage. We can organise private guided tours with them in English and they will show you with pride their town as well as organising visits to the craftsmens workshops where you can witness these skilled individuals still practicing their crafts.

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